Accomodation/ A szállásról


About the accomodation
Please note that olnly group acomodation available with dorm rooms on the site.
Love camping? Don't want to share?  It's possible to bring your own tent with you and set up but you must request it from the organisers. 

Chalet 1: 13 sleeping
Chalet 2: 15 sleeping
Chalet 3: 15 sleeping
Chalet 4: 14 sleeping

3 Dorminity rooms: 16 beds each / we opening those rooms only if more people coming.

4 staff rooms, rooms for the staff only /all booked/

If you don't feel comfortable to sharing then we would like to recommend you to find  other accomodations at the local area.

Some alternative accomodations in the area:
The Windmill:
Cisswood House:
Conies Farm:
South Lodge: